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About Us

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) was established through an Act of Parliament No. 17 of 2002, which was amended through the IBA (Amendment) Act No. 26 of 2010. The IBA became operational in July 2013, after the recruitment of the Director General, Ms. Josephine Mapoma.



The IBA is responsible for regulating the broadcasting industry in Zambia, by ensuring the promotion of a pluralistic and diverse broadcasting industry in the country. The functions of the IBA include among others, to grant, renew, suspend and cancel radio and television broadcast licences.



The IBA is also mandated to set standards to be followed by radio and television stations as well as monitor licensees to ensure that they are compliant. In order to achieve this, the IBA has set up an Inspectorate as well as a Consumer Affairs unit that will receive all complaints that the public may have, concerning radio and television stations or content that the stations churn out.


The Authority is overseen by a Board consisting of nine none executive members and all decisions of the Board are executed by the Director General, who is supported by an executive team with expertise in law and enforcement, economics, technical and engineering, information technology journalism and finance.


There are 99 radio and 33 television stations currently operating in Zambia.


IBA's Mandate

To provide for the control and regulation of broadcasting services and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

Mission Statement

The Independent Broadcasting Authority shall promote a pluralistic broadcasting industry in Zambia through fair, transparent and effective regulation.


To be an effective and efficient regulator that ensures a pluralistic, diverse and ethical broadcasting industry in Zambia.


To have an effective and efficient regulatory framework developed and operational by 2016.

Meet our Director General

Ms Josephine Mapoma

Josephine Mapoma is a renowned and seasoned journalist, media trainer and administrator who has served in many portfolios in Zambia.

Ms Mapoma holds a Bachelor of Mass communications from University of Siliman in the Philippines and a Masters in Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, United States of America.

She started her career as a reporter for the Mining Mirror on the Copperbelt province of Zambia and upon her acquisition of a Masters Degree, became a lecturer in Mass Communication at the University of Zambia, where she taught until she was appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services.

It was under her reign as PS of the Ministry that there was liberalisation of the airwaves and Zambia saw the birth of many commercial and community radio stations and Multi Choice Africa was allowed to commence its operations in Zambia. She was also instrumental in developing the concept and later legislation that ultimately resulted into the IBA Act of 2002.

Ms Mapoma also served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Ministry of Energy and Water Development, Ministry of Local Government and Housing and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. She went back to the University of Zambia, Department of Mass Communication in 2006 where she served as lecturer and Head of Department and occasionally as Acting Dean for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

She was appointed Director General for Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) in 2013. The IBA is responsible for regulating the broadcasting industry in Zambia.

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